Thursday, April 23, 2009


This incident took place a long time ago. I was working with xyz as a network engineer then.

I had to visit this client for some network issue and drove down to their office.
This was post 9/11 and the security in all the buildings in New York was at an all time high.
Any visitor had to register his name and other details before he can enter the building and he would get a receipt with the details.
So I stood in the queue to get that done. I was in a hurry and was waiting impatiently to get through this. There was a white lady sitting at the counter. She was middle aged with glasses perched on her nose and seemed to be the no-nonsense type.
Finally it was my turn and she said ‘hello’ asked my name.
I replied “Raj Kumar”.
“What?” she asked again.
“Raj is the first name. And last name is Kumar”
“Can you spell it for me?”
“R as in Romeo, A as in Alpha, J as in Juliet and Kumar is the last name”
She looked at me and scribbled it down on the receipt.
But she was smiling as she did so.
I was little puzzled but I was in a hurry. I grabbed the receipt and ran towards the elevator.
Once into the elevator, I got curious about why she was smiling.
So I fished the receipt out of my pocket to find out. I looked at it and couldn’t help laughing!
This is how she wrote my name: “Romeo And Juliet Kumar” :-D

P.S.: A true life incident. Courtesy: Rajesh


peevee said...

this is not at all making any sense,,,

Sundar said...

Funny ,remember an incident while working for the same xyz,i was in a conference and we were all waiting for a response from a guy called Muni , after 2 minutes this poor soul realised that it was me
Munirathnam Rajendran Sundar...You know how much time it took for me to book a flight ticket over phone well get started
M for money u for umbrella...