Monday, April 27, 2009

Beneath the Canvas

Rajesh was new to orkut. So I added him as a friend. He browsed through my profile and we were talking about it on Monday morning - Apr 27th ’09.

He complimented me on my art and then asked a very startling question. The most sensible one I got in a long time.

He questioned me why I paint only objects. And I realized that it’s so true!!
At first, I dint know what to answer to this question. But it was the truth and that pushed me in to thinking so much about it. Why was I painting only objects? I thought about all the art that was posted on orkut. Then I was trying to recollect all that I ever drew or painted. They all confirm that. I have always been painting just one object. It seemed so silly! Yet true. I never really did any scenery work (Just one thing as far as I can remember. I was the scene of the railway gate near my college in tirupathi. I was sitting there with my friends and drew what I was seeing – without thinking much). And when I tried to think of a reason, I really couldn’t! There is no reason why I specifically choose to draw just one object and not a scene or a view.

May be, I just don’t have the perspective vision. I cannot give out the perspective of the complete scene to my painting. I will simply need to work on that. Work on how to project different things in respect to my object of focus. I hope its this simple. Just about my paintings.

But this also opens up a bigger revelation. Like in that movie I was watching a couple of days before - DCH; this was the observation from my paintings. This probably gives off an aspect of me.
May be I never look at things as a whole? I don’t look at the complete environment in which an object is. I show the object alone. This is a very important thing and I will need to work on this about myself. I shouldn’t look at a particular person or event. Every aspect in the environment has an affect on the object. There is a reason why someone or something behaves in a particular way. They behave so under the influence of various factors which could be known or unknown to me. One needs to look at the whole scenario before deciding or judging a person.

The strange thing was that I like the personality assessment and graphology kind of stuff and constantly try to learn little things like that. I try to decipher traits from others writing, actions, drawings and talk. But I wasn’t able to realize such an obvious trait in my own paintings! This also shows how less we look at ourselves while we are always busy with everyone around.

Ok... now after all this talk, you will want to look at my orkut gallery. Won’t you? ;-)

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Sundar said...

Cant agree more with you,for instance what ever i write,i do not think what my next line is it just comes out then my roomie Nithin ( pointed out that they all turned out to be tragedies,probably thats what we are ,the subconcious coming-forth throught our expressions....:)