Monday, December 7, 2009

Khuda kay liye

My friend gave me this DVD to watch. He said its a very good movie. I looked at the title credits and dint think much about it.
Today I started playing it while I had my dinner. To pass away my time - I dont like eating alone; so I had to have something playing atleast.

The movie is so simple and straight forward but so intense. After a while I was so engrossed in the movie, I was getting emotional along with it. I loved the movie!

Its a story about three Pakistani youngsters. How their lives change drastically - one gets influences, one is forced and the other gets in to trouble with no mistake of his.

How could a father cheat his own daughter, marry her off and force on to her what he doesnt want for himself either?

How could an educated and intelligent youngster be influenced by anyone and turn away from his family, career and life; and for what? - he doesnt even know!

And how ones life could be ruined for no mistake of his own - by racial profiling.

All in the name of God.

What happens to common sense all the while? How can anyone take rights over someone's life? Isnt it unfair? I have read a couple of books by Khalid Hosseini.

When I watch these movies or read this kind of books, I start feeling lucky. I know its the most absurd feeling someone could get.

No offense meant; but when I see some lives, I cant stop thinking how different my life would be, had I been born in another country. May be just in another home. and then you start realizing all the good things in your life. We always complain about such petty things and fight and get upset all the time. People fight over nothing; kill each other for nothing; die for nothing.

Being free is the biggest thing you can have in life. Thank you mom and dad; thank you God!

P.S: Dont miss the movie and certainly dont miss the music. Simply beautiful.

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