Sunday, October 26, 2008

My first Blog

So finally finally after aa loooong time I have created my own blog!
I have been thinking of this for a while now, quite a while actually, but have been too busy(lazy infact!) to do this till NOW.
So here we go! Welcome to the junk box :D!


peevee said...

Nice to have a blog of your own,, thats good,, but what is this blog for,,

Ramya Duvvuru said...

hehe.. my blog is here for one reason as I have stated in my first blog - "it is the junk box". I put all my junk here- as it is- unedited and unadulterated versions :)

Vamshidhar Kudikala said...

I loved the way to narrated it. Keep it up.
You said 'I was one of the last ones to wish my sis.' - I believe that our wishes are always there.
What was the 'yummy dessert' you prepared?
I wish your 'international friendship' live long.
"Rarely does it happen that an author would read out a draft version of his book to you!" -- I wish you say this to me as well in future :-). I wish all the best to Mel.